It's always nice when clients offer me a testimonial ... so, Linda sent me this one after I covered her and Phillip's wedding in Consett and at Blanchland, a medieval village in the Derwent Valley / Northumberland border.

"...... We are delighted that we choose Dirk as our wedding photographer at Consett and The Lord Crewe Arms at Blanchland in the Derwent Valley, County Durham.He was a joy to work with!
I am a photographer too - specialising in Asian wedding photography across the North East of England ........ and therefore knew exactly what I wanted and didn't want.
We talked to a number of "recommended" photographers but Dirk stood out a mile for this style of photography and his personality.
Personality is important when your wedding photographer is going to spend a full day with you and your guests.
On our wedding day, Dirk came to my house in the morning whilst we were getting make-up done and getting dressed.
He just fitted in, he made us all feel totally at ease.
He sensed when some were getting tense and left them in peace. Then off to the church; he did not use flash so the photographs were warm and natural.
In typical Dirk style he asked us to go for a walk and a chat in the garden at our wedding reception venue, The Lord Crewe Arms at Blanchland and as a result produce some wonderful photographs.
Even the more formal shots for family members were unobtrusive and quick.

His photographs captured the story of our big day to perfection.Dirk is a Master - I would not hesitate to recommend him.
He is worth every penny!!

Thanks Dirk!...."
If you would like me to photograph your wedding in Blanchland or in the Derwent Valley / Northumberland / County Durham, then ring for FREE on 0800 804 7270 or my mobile on 0778 7150966
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Victoria and Jaeger's wedding - the album (cover)

I realised after I posted yesterday about Living North's North East Wedding supplement that I hadn't uploaded the front cover of Victoria and Jaeger's magnificent wedding album(s) which arrived hot off the press from the USA this week .......

The image is a bit different which is why I decided to use it, and my wife loves the series of images in black and white and in colour when the wind (and there was plenty of it on a windy day in Yorkshire) picked up her veil and swirled it around.

Hope you like it - they loved it!


I received my copy of the North East Weddings supplement with my copy of Living North this morning and my advert looked as good as I remember it when I designed it in 5 minuted flat... ahem!

Similar style to my cards this year and the exhibition stand...... .. looked a lot different to the others across the spread, a bit more hard edged.

I'm sure some will love it and I'm sure that some will hate it ... but at least it will be remembered, and if it sets my approach and customer service apart from other professional wedding photographers across the north then that can only be a good thing!

... and, as long as people don't use 'Uncle Brian who got a digital camera at Christmas' for their wedding photography there are loads of excellent photographers across the north east if you decide not to book with me!

Had my first enquiry this afternoon from the advert too ......

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Victoria and Jaeger's Wedding at Topcliffe and Crab Manor North Yorkshire - the wedding album

Victoria and Jaeger's wedding albums were FedEx'd from the US and landed with me this morning ... they will be SO thrilled when they see them (and her mum too!) ..

So, with the help of a clever bit of software and flying by the seat of my pants I would give you a preview of their whole album recording a wedding that was a pleasure to be a part of!

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